Covid-19 Protocol

805 STUNT has prepared the below return to play protocols, many of these recommendations are based upon current guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other Federal government agencies.

The purpose of these guidelines is to create a comprehensive return to play plan that is compliant with CDC, federal, state and local regulations.

The knowledge surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing and circumstances are different based on geographic region. Therefore, 805 STUNT will comply to local guidelines when determining our own policies and procedures. Please check back to find the most up-to-date changes.

Preventive Actions

  • Coaches will clean/sanitize surfaces with cleaner/accepted methods listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2 as directed by the CDC, or as may be reasonably necessary prior to practice

  • Mats will be cleaned at least each day of activity or as needed according to current guidelines. If different groups are meeting in the same space at different times, mats will be cleaned between groups.

  • Health assessment questionnaires should be completed at check-in and records maintained.

  • Any athlete that feels ill during activity will be isolated and picked up by parents/guardians as soon as possible.

  • Access to handwashing areas will be provided and washing hands will be encouraged during breaks or as reasonably necessary, with particular attention after participating in stunts.

  • Athletes, coaches, and support staff who are a member of a high-risk group or live at home with a member of a high-risk group should consider attending training sessions virtually.

  • Athletes and parents should be made aware of current best practices for minimizing the spread. Athletes should be sure to wash their hands thoroughly and/or use hand sanitizer before, during, and after practice and should avoid touching their face.

  • Athletes should maintain their equipment themselves and there should be no other shared equipment or water bottles.

Physical Distancing

  • Practices will be held outdoors.

  • Athletes will be required to wear masks.

  • Athletes will use proper physical distancing to minimize contact.

  • Limit contact between groups at exits and entrances by staggering arrival/departure times between cohort groups (individual stunt groups, teams, etc.) and designating separate entrances and exits when possible.

  • Avoid congregating before, during, and after practice.

  • Contact and physical distancing should follow all local health directives.

  • Stunting should only occur when local directives allow contact in sports.

  • Keep stunt groups together in their cohort. Refrain from mixing and matching bases and tops from different groups.

  • Keep stunt groups distanced from other stunt groups when possible (i.e. when not building pyramids), while allowing for all groups to remain on the proper surface for stunting.

The type of contact found in STUNT can vary greatly and can be adjusted to meet local distancing guidelines.